Here's another original character of mine,Millenium Night.

.Millenium Night. Millenium Night is a living doll created by another character of mine,Named Time Rose.
She was created for magic,fighting and other purposes. Millenium Night lives among many other dolls in this home but she stands out a lot out of all the other dolls along with her 3 ''sisters'' who are also dolls. Millenium Night's 
''mom'' Is her creator. Her creator is a witch who lives alone,She created the dolls for magic,fighting and so she could have friends. Time Rose is actually a nice person,Just misunderstood.

3/13/2013 09:47:23

Nice! Hello :3

3/13/2013 10:28:27

Hello! Thanks for the comment. ^.^

3/15/2013 19:23:29

She's...beautiful 030

3/15/2013 20:14:39

Also, I reccommend an anime to you. Watch Hareki! Ponkikki because Gachapin's in it and he's cute~ :D

3/15/2013 20:47:16

Thanks and okay.


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