This is Solitary,Solitary may not be her real name. She was rescued by Illusion after a disaster struck her house and she couldn't escape. She is trying to find her sister. Is she really human? Personality is childish and sweet for the most part. She does have a large amount of flaws though,such as her drawing skills aren't amazing and she sucks at sports. 
Illusion's character profile coming next.

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    Helloooo! I'm a 12 year old girl who enjoys drawing,writing and all sorts of arts. In case you're wondering I'm not a weeaboo in any way,In fact I'm EXTREMELY ANNOYED by people who jump around saying "KAWAII DESU!" 

    Please feel free to recommend some art supplies,anime,manga,gamesetc. I'm not much of a gamer since I only play one series which is my current obsession: Touhou Project.

    The picture above is not an anime version of me,The character is Captain Minamitsu Murasa from Touhou Project,She just looks similar to me. XD


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