Hi! First Review up on my blog yay! I took the pictures on my Dad's Ipad so hopefully the pictures are semi-decent. :P
So here she is. The pose is quite simplistic but fits the character well.   ((Me using my blanket as a backdrop.))
From this angle,you can see there are some paint issues on her head band such as scratches. But on the other hand ((No Pun Intended)) her hands are well sculpted.  I like her face too.
Here she is from one side. You can see some black paint rubbed off on the white collar of her dress and some white paint on the small bow near her waist. I should have noticed earlier but I just noticed now while looking at the picture. The rose is well sculpted at least.
A bit less paint problems on this side but there are still flaws. Maybe I'm just nit-picking,th
...And from the back. The hair is sort of detailed but not completely amazing but I still really like it. There are also less paint issues on her dress from the back.
Nothing to really say about the base. It's a simple round white base with two holes to put the pegs of the figure in so it stands. It doesn't distract too much from the figure though which I think is a good thing.
The bottom of the dress has many paint issues but is also well done in a way. There is some black paint rubbed off onto the frills and on the gray-ish part of her dress,but there are no paint issues on the crosses and the frills have great shading.
A closer look at the back of the dress.Once again same shading on the frills and some more run off black paint but it's still nice. I also like how you can see some different strands of hair,but it's still not extremely detailed. You can also see that on the first line of frills there is some white paint blending in with the black,not sure if they did that on purpose but it's sort of cool.
Closer up to the back of the hair. Sort of detailed near the bottom but you can't see many strands from the top of the head and there are scratches in the paint. I never dropped her so I wonder what happened.
From an above-ish angle. You can see most of the paint issues here and there are actually some tiny folds in her clothes where her arm is bending. I do feel that there should be more folds in her dress. You can also see the small red brooch she has which isn't too detailed just a red oval. The buttons on her shirt can be seen too.
Closer up.
Her shoes are cute but they look weird when she isn't attached to the base due to the pegs. Not too many paint issues on the socks and no run off paint on the ribbons of the shoes either but seam lines on the inside of the dress are everywhere.
Close up of the pegs. I worry about leaning slightly because they are only on the back of her shoe I feel there should be one on the front as well since she isn't that stable on the base. I don't want her to fall and get more scratches or start to lean. D:
Over all I give this figure a 6.5-7.5/10 because it's cute but it isn't extremely detailed but it's a Sega figure so I can't expect too much. If you're the owner of the drawing I used above and you want it down leave a comment and I'll take it down. I took the photo's though. :D Bye!

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