If there's kuro neko there's Kirino,let's see how Sega's Kirino is! :)
Here she is,the Otaku from ' Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai' or simply 'Oreimo'.  
Same simple base like Kuro Neko,but this time there is brown paint from her shoes,maybe? :/
'Why are you staring at me?"
Her face is pretty cute. Once again very simple pose but fitting to the character. The facial expression fits her tsundere-ness well too. But of course,being a prize figure there are paint issues. One of her eyebrows has these strange spots above it,It looks like a piece of hair from the paint brush got stuck in her bangs,Blue run off paint on her sleeves and some brown paint on her nose.
 Her clothes are well sculpted I guess. The paint is a little messy but it can't be helped since it's a prize figure. There's this weird gold line on one side of her shirt I have no clue if that's supposed to be there or not...The skin looks glossy on the camera for some reason.
From the back. I think I like her hair a bit more than Kuro Neko's. It has some shading which always improves the look on a figure. Much less paint issues on the back as well.
Nothing to really say about the shoes. They're simple.
Closer up of the hair on the back. Once again,some shading is existant and very well visible in person but there are paint bubbles.
She looks cute from this side but there is that seam line through the hair which can be annoying. No paint issues on the hair clips.
From above. You can see some brown paint on her sleeve and the annoying seam line on her hair.
Pegs to attach to base. One of them is very messed up.
Kirino and kuro neko together. :)
Overall I give a 6.5-7.5/10 for this one because it's cute and the shading on the hair was nice to see. Bye!

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